Favourite New-to-Me Authors I Read In 2017

Hi there guys,

Sorry for disappearing off again I was overwhelmed with my exams – but now they’ve passed and I’m free of feeling guilt for watching a 10minute youtube video I thought I’d catch up on a few posts I originally planned on doing. One of these was my favourite new-to-me authors I read last year. I actually read quite a lot of new authors last year so it was difficult to narrow it down to a decent number but I managed 10!

1. Kylie Scott

I was introduced to Scott via reading Lick from her Stage Dive series, which I ended up loving and found so fun and easy to read! I actually ended up reading the whole book in one sitting straight (may have led to me staying up till 3 in the morning…) I find her writing really enjoyable and easy to read with plenty of plot and action. 

2.  J. K. Rowling

How could I not include this queen in my list?! 2017 was the first time – ever – reading the Harry Potter series (hides in a corner in shame). I’d previously watched the films multiple times but I’ve always avoided the books due to the hype and I was worried having seen the films I’d find them quite boring. How I was wrong! Even though the books are aimed at the younger audience I believe they’re perfect for any age and how J. K. Rowling manages to do that really impresses me. Also her intelligence as a writer is extraordinary.

3. Morgan Matson

2017 was the year of Matson for me in which I read 3 of her 4 (currently) published works. I was so infuriated with myself for having not read any of her works sooner. I adored her stories and characters and how everything she writes seems to be so realistic and emotionally beautiful – to me Matson is simlar to Rainbow Rowell (especially Rowell’s Fangirl).

4. Helena Hunting

I loved Pucked by Hunting and it quickly became one of my favourite reads of the year. I adore how she designs her characters, and how Violet was really fun and sassy and yet Alex had an emotional side to him which isn’t usually shown in the typical ‘alpha male’ adult romance world.

5. Patrick Ness

2017 was the year that introduced me to ‘A Monster Calls’ and with that the feeling of my heart being ripped out and bashed repeatedly. For years I’ve had friends recommending me to read his Chaos Walking series and since loving his standalone I’m eager to get my hands on it.

6. Leila Sales

Over the summer I had a massive binge contemporaries, of which I was introduced to Sale’s ‘This Song Will Save Your Life’ and I was pleasantly surprised by not only how much I enjoyed it but how beautiful it was and how it had such a wonderful message about being different and not fitting in. 

7. R. J. Palacio

During my summer of contemporaries I ended up reading ‘Wonder’ due to the film coming out in 2017 and wanted to read it before I went to see the movie. And, wow. This film made me cry by the side of a pool and I wasn’t even ashamed. The style of this book was wonderful and built upon the ideas of standing out is okay that was portrayed (Albiet differently) in ‘This Song Will Save Your Life’. I personally feel this book should be required reading for school children – it teaches such a beautiful lesson and is such a heartwarming story. 

8. R. H. Sin

I ended up finding his poetry work in Barnes and Noble when I visited New York in April 2017 for my birthday and wow I’m so glad I did! His poetry is stunning and is similar to Rupi Kaur and Lang Leav – so if you enjoy either of those poets definitely check him out!

9. Karen Marie Moning

This was the year I started the Fever series and loved the adventure and action-packed pace that concetrated just as much on the story and pace of the character, with a well-crafted slow burn romance that I’m so here for.

10. Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Her Naturals series is so fun and so exciting and something easily possible to read in one night (I speak from experience) and eerily similar to Criminal Minds but with teenages, and I cannot wait to get my hands on more of the series.

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