Most Anticipated Releases of 2019: April to June

Well with the Spring just starting I thought I’d feature the releases for the next 3 months I’m most excited for! Especially because there seem to be way too many good books coming out this year! Under the book cover images there will be links to the goodread’s description of each book as if I featured every book description, this post would be a million letters long! I tried to write a few key words next to each book link giving a short insight into the themes of each book.


  1. When I Was Summer by J.B. Howard: Unrequited love, rock ‘n’ roll, self discovery
  2. Hot Dog Girl by Jennifer Dugan: Finding love, queer, summer at a theme park
  3. The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman: Stranger Things meets Riverdale, Atmospheric, Secrets
  4. Dreaming Darkly by Caitlin Kittredge: Mysterious, Moody, Gothic
  5. The Raven’s Tale by Cat Winters: Historical, Edgar Allan Poe Retelling about his Muse, Gothic
  6. Wicked Saints by Emily A. Duncan: A prince in danger, A girl who can speak to gods and A boy with a monstrous secret
  7. Descendant of the Crane by Joan He: Asian inspired fantasy, Set in a kingdom, Forbidden Magic


  1. Again But Better by Christine Riccio: Second chances, Bravery, Discovering yourself.
  2. Nocturna by Maya Motayne: Latinx-inspired world, a thief and prince team up to defeat a powerful evil, Dark Magic.
  3. An Illusion of Thieves by Cate Glass: Sorcery, Political Intrigue, Strong Sister/Brother Bonds.
  4. A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder by Holly Jackson: Closed Case Murder Mystery, Alike to Serial, Twisty.
  5. Romanov by Nadine Brandes: Historical, Anastasia Romanov Retelling, Magic Smuggling
  6. The Wise and the Wicked by Rebecca Podos: Magical Realism, Women have their own premonition of their own death, Is changing fate always the right thing to do?
  7. Happily and Madly by Alexis Bass: Destiny of love and death, Mystery, Set in coastal New England.


  1. Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey: Romcom-obsessed romantic ever meet her ‘Tom Hanks’ or will reality never compare to fiction?
  2. The Beholder by Anna Bright: Odyssey meets Cinderella, Myths and Folklore, Set Aboard A Ship.
  3. The Evil Queen by Gena Showalter: Retelling of Snow White’s greatest enemy – the Evil Queen, Villian Centred Fantasy Retelling, Forbidden Romance.
  4. Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout: Gargoyle shape-shifters, Potential for Supernatural War, Fantasy Romance.
  5. Virtually Yours by Sarvenaz Tash: Modern Love + Online Anonymity = ???
  6. The Virtue of Sin by Shannon Schuren: Speaking out, Standing Up, Breaking Free.
  7. Wicked Fox by Kat Cho: Fantasy-romance set in modern-day Seoul, A girl who feeds on the energy of men, Choosing between immortal life and anothers?
  8. Fake It Till You Break It by Jenn P. Nguyen: Friends to lovers, Fake dating, For To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before Fans.
  9. Technically, You Started It by Lana Wood Johnson: Crossed Wires, Meet-cute, Major fluff.

So there are all my anticipated 2019 spring releases, are any of these on your TBR’s or do you have any spring releases you’re eagerly anticipating?

If you’d like to see some more books on my Spring TBR that feature both new books (That aren’t on this list) and old click here.


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