About Me

Hi, I am Victoria, or Tori for short, and welcome to my book blog! I live in the UK and have recently just graduated with an MSc in Clinical and Molecular Microbiology. I adore reading and sharing my passion with other people. My other interests include; makeup/beauty, a variety of TV shows, bands (especially The 1975 and 1D related) and movies so please feel free to talk about them as well – I love to chat! Here you will find book reviews, tags, meme posts, wrap ups and more. I post at least three times a week.

My general reading preference is fiction, mainly YA although I do enjoy NA and I am starting to break into adult fiction but so far my soft spot is YA.  My most frequently read genres include; fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary and romance.

I am a NetGalley and Edelweiss reviewer but you can also find me on Goodreads (@findmeinabookshop). I am also on Instagram (@findmeinabookshop) and Twitter (@inabookshop) where I love to have a chat. 

You can contact me via any of my social media links or email at findmeinabookshop@gmail.com


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